Dusty - Prasnjavko



The children's (7-9 years old) picture book, by Croatian writer Zelimir Hercigonja, is about a little elf living in the attic, of an older house in modern times. He likes old things, and all rusty and dusty, and also to play with old toys. But, one day old man who owned that house died, and new young tenants moved in, with different visions of how this attic should look like...

15 double-sided illustrations (30 pages), and cover first and last page). Lots of different techniques and resources are used.
The main character and several side characters and props are done in Wings3D. All were put together and rendered in Blender. Overpainted in Photoshop, some pages contain photo manipulation. Some backgrounds are done in Bryce 6.1.

Other resources: DAZ 3d Gramps, Poser4 2 people, Le Village,
textures from SXC.hu, ImageAfter, some vectors from VectorStock; several objects from Renderosity free stuff.

September 4, 2023