Dragon's Embrace: Cover page

Dragon's Embrace: Cover page (2010)

Dragon's Embrace: Cover page (2010)

This is the cover page I did for the upcoming domestic children's fantasy book "Dragon's Embrace" (along with some black/whites inside).

The hero of the book is riding a silver dragon to meet with the greatest mystery and solve the puzzle which will bring balance to all existing worlds. Behind, the House of the Void (Egg-like dome) is cracking, under the pressure of the coming of Elder demigods.

I experimented with lots of things in this one. I did my composition and previsualization in Bryce and Poser with premade elements. Then i brought results in Art Rage and worked a lot on painting the details. The great final was done in Photoshop - lots of painting, smudging, and colour balancing. And oh yes, the lava layer was first done in Blender using some lava material that I took from growing Open Material Repository. I hope you'll like this one.

September 2, 2023